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iGroovemp3 platform to promote African music…


iGroovemp3 platform to promote African music, artistes Though there are many music outlets that promote music digitally, Scratch Studios an Accra based music outfits has introduced iGroovemp3, a digital music platform as a means of marketing African artiste and their products.

The advancement of technology has promoted music professionals all over the world to seek new ways to market their product and Scratch Studios’ newly created Scratch Universal, a subsidiary that oversees the company’s iGroovemp3, is to serve that purpose.

iGroovemp3 currently stocks all music recorded for the Scratch label by variety of Ghanaian artistes; all material and songs of popular Afro-rock band Osibisa and those by a select crop of musicians from Africa. According to the General Manager for Scratch Universal, Michael Kwabena Bamfo, unlike the other music digital outlet that concentrated on well-established acts, iGroovemp3 aims at advertising new music and emerging artistes from Africa.

“Our goal is to run a digital shop which directs traffic to African music. So if you are an African artiste with music in our shop, you know that anybody looking for African music anywhere in the world would come to us and find your music,” he told the Daily Graphic last week.

Ghanaian artistes that have recorded under the Scratch Studios Music label include saxophonist  Steve Bedi, singers Elivava and Paulette Broohm, Freeman Ame; guitarist Owura K and Ralph Karikari and trumpeter Paul Bilson to mention a few

Source: Daily Graphic