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SSUE hypnotises

SSUE hypnotises music world By Kafui Gale-Zoyiku When Ssue was out-doored as an up can coming singer, one had the impression that well she can but after all we all do sing, at least in the bathroom, out of the hearing of all.

Born Susan Serwah Amoakohene (SSUE), she has been performing her songs at exclusive concerts such as the Dream Child Project and other charity shows. Her performance at the Midem International Music festival in June revealed her as Ghana’s best kept secret as far as singing ability is concerned and this she amply demonstrated at Midem, Cannes France in June. That performance stunned music industry experts gathered at the Festival giving her a standing ovation as they fell over themselves to congratulate the young lady from Syncos Music.

At Midem, she performed some of her popular songs from her then yet-to-be released album which is sure to set her on a pedestal higher than the present crop of female singers. For music critics who might want to asses her vocal ability, she has released a single from her upcoming album titled ‘Explosion Of My Life.’

For now we have the privilege of listening to Hypnotised produced by BlazeDBear which would grab the attention of all serious music lovers throughout the country. In the song, there is no trace of ‘Ghanaianess’ in the song as one can get the clear impression that this album or single is destined for the international market and audiences.

Listening to the song, one gets the impression that this song must be by a British rock band as the voice has a clear unmistakable foreign slant to it as her voice is a cut above her local contemporaries. This might be because of her experience in the music world. Having the rare privilege of working or coming under the tutelage of such international acts such as United Kingdom-based Ghanaian trumpeter Paul Bilson, Becca, Osibisa, Yinka Davis, Bibie Brew, Steve Bedi, among others has left an indelible mark on her voice.

In Hypnotised one is transported into other realms of music which is definitely not Ghanaian, bringing a breath of freshness into Ghana’s female singers’ category. Clearly I have been hypnotized by her voice.