About Us


The Scratch Music Label has signed some of the most progressive contemporary musicians in Ghana and outside Ghana. In the last two years we have recorded and released artists such as Saxophonist Steve Bedi whose album “Syncos Jazz” is doing very well, Guitar maestro Owura was also signed and has album “Just Imagine” released successfully. The lady of the Scratch label is Paulette Broohm the sultry songstress whose album “Simply me” that stirred the airwaves over the year past.

Scratch Studios has also ventured across our boarders for talents and has recorded budding star from Nigeria; Freeman Ame album titled “Sky is the limit” who also doubled as a voice trainer. The two Ivorian artist Paul Mays album titled “THE WITNESS” and Oswald Kouame album titled “SYNCOS ROOTS” add a definite sweet African flavor to the pot. We are working on the recording of several more artists and this release will be expected soon.


The scratch Music Studio is a fully equipped digital 64 track studio with state of the art processors and programmed recording equipment for both live recording and programmed recording. The studio is managed by a fully qualified engineer, who is also specialized in creating and recording jingles of all sorts and recording commercials. This studio has a full back-line of musical equipment.


Scratch has a fully equipped studio faculty for editing of films and film transfers. We also have several state of the art cameras and lights. The equipment is available for hire under certain conditions but for the main is used for in-house projects. Attached to the film is also a still photographic studio with specialist cameras and associated equipment.


The Scratch Music Lounge is a well equipped 300 seater air conditioned auditorium that is fully equipped for live shows. The Lounge has s full back-line of musical instruments, a public address system, stage lights, monitors, 64 track mixing desk. It is really suitable for live musical performances, rehearsals, seminars and workshops. The rates for hire of the auditorium are available on request. Several shows have been staged in the auditorium including

1) Scratch all star concerts featuring Steve Bedi, Paulette Broohm, Freeman Ame, Owura K, and Gyedu Blay Ambolley.

2)UNITED NATIONS GLOBAL CONCERT FOR PEACE featuring Ebo Tailor, Atongo Zimba, Steve Bedi, Elivava, Okore, Paul Madys, Paulette Broohm, Owura ,Oswald Kouame and Latonya star.

Ebo Tailor plays on the 14th December 2012 with special guest stars Atongo Zimba and Teddy Osei of Osibisa.

Owura and others plays on the 22nd December 2012 we will stage the “Seed of Peace” concert which will have all the leaders of the political parties in the auditorium and will feature Amandzeba, Becca, Kwabena Kwabena, Apple (From China) and many more

Osibisa Reunion Concert will be held on the 28th December 2012


Within the building complex is located the Scratch Music Shop. The shop is our main distribution center for the music label as well as other labels and artists we have agreement with. The shop vends musical compact disc and DVD, as well as magazines.


Scratch Magazine is the ultimate music and entertainment magazine. The magazine is physical as well as online and has gone through four editions since its launch and we are currently working on the fifth.


Scratch Music & Events is largely involved in programming events at the scratch music lounge as well as producing events artists outside. We have successfully staged the Dream Child Foundation Concert at the National Theater for two consecutive years.

We have also staged a fundraising concert earlier this year with the world famous Afro-Rock Band Osibisa at the Alliance Franςais to raise money for the Apam School’s Music Department. Production for our shows runs by one the most experienced show producers in Ghana “Paa. K Holbrook-Smith who has produced most of the biggest shows to date in Ghana including Africa United Bob Marley 61st birthday celebration, Sizzla Kalonji, Anthony B to name a few.


Scratch Information Technology is essentially for marketing online and the design and construction of websites. This service is available to all. We make use of the social to market not only our in-house artists but also on behalf of other artists. Our posts on YouTube has attracted quiet a number of views or hits and the views continue to grow .Scratch I.T has very highly skilled I.T specialists who are available for consultancy and design. Apart from music we also market events and products with our substantial subscriber base. Scratch magazine which is also online offers the opportunity for marketing.